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What is a Safelist?
A Safelist is a "mailing list" of members who opt-in to receive email ads from other members of the same mailing list. In exchange for members viewing other members emails(ads), they receive ad "credits" which allows them to post their own offer, program, or opportunity to the list. Basically every member views every member's offers for ad "credits".

The safelist does not send emails to anyone outside the safelist. This is  NOT spam because every safelist member has physically opted in and confirmed their own email addresses.

How do Safelists work?
Safelists are used by its members to advertise their websites, business opportunities and so forth to other members of the safelist. If your website offer is an opportunity or service of interest to other safelist members, who are very likely to join or purchase your offer.

Basically Safelists informs its members of the most popular opportunities and offers currently buzzing the internet, for which those same members earn credits which allows them to post their own ads and offers to the list. Safelist membership is usually FREE

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