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Top Manual Traffic Exchanges
A Traffic Exchange is a website setup so that people can show each other their websites. You signup, enter your website and then use credits to show other people your website. You earn credits by looking at other websites, it's simple.

Hit 2 Hit -A Consistent Top 5 TE on Hoopla.
Tezak Traffic - Celebrating Three Years in 2012.

Traffic G - One of The Oldest & Still Highly Rated.

Traffic Adbar - A New Way To Get Traffic. New Highly Rated.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Easyhits4u - Over 800,000 Members. Cash For Surfing.

WebMasterQuest - Partner Site of Traffic G. In Existence Over 7 years. Consistent Delivery of Quality Hits.
HitsBoosterPro - Owner Louise Venison has Designed One of the Best TE's for Quality Hits, Top Commissions and Ease of Surfing.
TrafficSplash -  Flood your site with Quality Free Traffic! Surf Rewards Every Day. Member of TE Command where you can surf and get even More Rewards!

Top Safelists

A Safelist is a form of e-mail marketing and advertising where the members have agreed to receive each others messages.  Types of Safelists include: Paid, Credit Based and Free. All the Safelists below offer a Free and a Paid option where additional credits , more frequent mailings and higher commissions are available.

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TopTierMailer - 5 Months Old & 6,000 Members.

Leads, Leads, Leads! Business World - Over 100,000 Members
KM2.gif (16845 bytes) Kule Mail - Part of Sokule  with over 10,000 Members.
HercuList - Long Time Safelist Produces Top Results. Mail Your Ad to Over 60,000 Opportunity Seekers. 
AdTactics - A Highly Responsive Safelist that generously rewards its members with More Than Ample Credits.
Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer! State-Of-The-Art Mailer - Progressive Credits Rewards and Time Bonus Ads.
My Max Mailer - Brand New & Already In Top 5 at Hoopla.
The Lead Magnet - In Hoopla Top 5. Major Lead Builder with High Paying Commissions.
Viral Mail Profits - Build Mail Templates, Save Your Messages and Automatically Mail to Multiple Safelists At One Time.
Just Launched but Building a Customer Base Fast. Brands Your Business. Cash Prizes for Reading Mails.
List Adventure is a list builder that will allow:
 Email thousands daily
Post banners ads
 Post gifts for other members to download
 Earn up to 60% commissions

 Paid 2 Click/Paid 2 Promote

Looking to Earn Extra Cash Online? PTC and PTP Sites Can Generate Real Cash for You Very Quickly. Just Make Sure the Ones You Sign Up With Have Been Around for More Than Just a Few Months. The Ones Below Have Large Member Bases and Pay Consistently! Don't Waste Time With Any Others.

PTCBox No Minimum Payout

 Tools & Resourses

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